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Commercial and Residential Property Auctions

The complete staff at Arneson Auction Service takes responsibility for your entire auction. We dedicate many long hours to prepare for and orchestrate the sale, so the outcome is positive for both the buyers and the seller. We make it easier for you.

  • Getting to Know Your Property - We use our expertise to look at and list all items up for bid and assess their value.

  • Advertising the Sale - It is part of our responsibility to ensure that people know about the auction, so we work hard to reach as many of them as possible through web site postings, newspapers, sale bills, mailing lists and signage. There are no up front expenses to the seller for advertising.

  • Displaying Items for the Sale - We want your items to look the best they can so we display and arrange them so they are appealing to the bidders.

  • Recording the Items Sold - Our staff keeps a log of items sold and their sale price.

  • Cleaning Up After the Sale - We help tidy up after the sale is over by picking up bidding numbers, trash and other items. We want to leave it as it was before the sale.

Real Estate Auctions

Dan Piroutek and Lonnie Arneson, AuctioneersLonnie Arneson and auctioneer Dan Piroutek from Milesville, South Dakota partner up for all of their real estate auctions. They have more than 40 years combined experience! You get "Two auctioneers for the price of one!"

The combination of joining Lonnie Arneson and Dan Piroutek has been very successful for our sellers.

We appreciate your business and look forward to visiting with anyone who has an interest in selling farm and ranch land, and commercial or residential property.

Here are a few benefits to selling real estate using the auction method.

Seller Benefits:

  • Selling real estate at a public auction creates an exciting atmosphere, which encourages competition amongst potential buyers ... and the result of that competition produces a top, fair market sale price.

  • The seller controls the sale process and can determine the date and time that are convenient for him/her.

  • An auction creates the most exposure in the shortest period of time and accelerates sales.

  • Potential buyers are required to be registered and qualified on the day of the auction.

  • An absolute auction brings interested buyers to a point of decision - they must act now or lose an opportunity to purchase the property.

  • By quickly selling the property, the seller eliminates long-term caring costs, including taxes and maintenance.

  • A seller sets the terms and conditions of the sale while maintaining control of the property throughout the auction.

Benefits to Buyers:

  • Auctions eliminate a long negotiation process.

  • The buyer determines the price through competitive bidding.

  • By seeing others bidding at the same level, the buyer can rest assured that the property is being purchased at a fair market value.

  • The buyer knows that the seller is committed to selling and knows both the purchasing and closing dates.

Buying and selling real estate at an auction event is a winning proposition for all involved!

If you have property you need to liquidate, contact us at Arneson Auction Service and let us do the work for you! Again, we appreciate your business.



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